Catchers Camp Overview

Our mission is to provide youth athletes the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the position of catcher in a fun and safe environment.

At every Catchers Camp we cover, in detail, the fundamentals of the “Big 3” skills of a catcher which include:

  • receiving
  • blocking
  • throwing

We also cover leadership qualities, and mental game topics like controlling emotions. 

In addition to this we also focus on catcher-specific strength training including hip mobility, flexibility & strength, core strength, balance & stability, hand, wrist & forearm strength, vision training and more!

All this and much more are covered at all our Catchers Camps, which in our opinion, is what sets us apart.
Age Requirements: All Catchers aged 10 through 16
Catcher to Coach Ratio: 8 - 1 

All initial teaching and discussion during camp will be performed by Coach Todd while his coaching staff will help run the fundamental skill stations.

Participants train with Coach Todd and his staff NOT each other.

We have a low catcher-to-coach ratio of 8:1 or less.

Participants are separated by age and put through several fundamental drills and exercises to help improve their receiving ability, blocking form, and throwing mechanics.

Day One we focus on stances/setups and receiving and depending on the number of participants, we sometimes start blocking.

Day Two we will cover blocking & throwing fundamentals.

While at camp your catcher will receive instruction on:

  • STANCES – We can teach your catcher everything they need to know about receiving, blocking, and throwing but if they do not get in the proper ready position, if they’re not in the correct stance, they will not be able to perform the fundamental skills of a catcher consistently.
  • RECEIVING – Research shows that being a good receiving catcher will help your team more than anything else we do.  We will dedicate a significant amount of time to training your catchers on becoming the best receiving catcher they can be.
  • BLOCKING – We will dedicate a significant amount of time to helping your catcher not only get comfortable with the baseball hitting them but also liking and taking pride in their blocking ability.
  • THROWING – We will cover everything your catcher needs to know to become the best throwing catcher they can be including quick hands, quick feet, arm strength, and throwing mechanics.
During the “Final Thought” talks expect your catcher to learn about:
  • The importance of a good work ethic
  • What scouts and coaches look for in a catcher
  • The importance of training their brain as much as they train their body
  • The importance of controlling your emotions
  • The characteristics of a successful catcher
  • The importance of doing well in school and more!

How to book your spot

Head over to the Catchers Camp page, find the best location for you, book and pay in full to secure your place.
IMPORTANT: Email is our main source of communication so keep an eye on your inbox. If you don’t receive any emails from us after registering for an event, check your spam/junk mail folder.